SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) Training

SAT is the de facto entrance test for most of the top universities globally. It is conducted for admissions toundergraduate or bachelor’sdegree programs outside India. SAT is also used as a means of assessment by most of the schools in the US, Canada and Singapore.

ASAP TUTOR offers SAT training through an in-house team of experts who provide focused and strategic SAT preparation for students who plan to take the Math examination.

The right time to take the SAT is in the 11thgrade when the students have sufficient time to prepare for the exam. However, youcan also take SAT before college admission deadlines.

It is important to have professional guidance and coaching for SAT exam preparation to succeed in your endeavours.

Structure of the SAT Examination

SAT Writing and Language Test

The SAT Writing and Language Test is a series of multiple choice questions derived from reading passages. The ability to perform successfully in this section depends on dedicated SAT preparation through SAT coaching.Proper guidance and coaching gives you the ability to skillfully read and interpret passages and write youranswers in a clear manner.

  1. The duration of the writing test is 35 minutes, and the student is required to review and edit texts, which are sourced from a wide range of subjects, such as social studies, humanities, politics, careers, and sciences
  2. The student is expected to make the texts grammatically and contextually correct by eliminatingany errors
  3. The student is evaluated for his understanding of the rules of grammar, elements of style in writing, punctuation and ordering of sentences as a part of this test
  4. The SAT writing test consists of four passages, which are accompanied by 44 different multiple-choice questions


SAT Math Test

The SAT Math test is focused on three areas including Advanced Math, Problem Solving and Data Analysis, and Heart of Algebra. Advanced Math comprises complex equations, quadratic functions, and trigonometry. You require consistent practice, guidance and coaching to be successful in this section of the SAT.


We provide thorough guidance and coaching to help students crack SAT AND SAT II.

The SAT II is a set of more than 20 different tests focusing on specific disciplines, such as English, History and Social Sciences, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, and Foreign Languages. Each test lasts for one hour and consists entirely of multiple-choice questions, except for the Writing test, which has a 20-minute essay section, in addition to a 40-minute multiple-choice section.

ASAP TUTOR provides coaching for Mathematics and Science subjects in this category.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How does the SAT I differ from SAT II?

The SAT I is largely a test of verbal and math skills. You need to know some vocabulary and some formulas for the SAT I, but it’s designed to measure how well you read and think rather than what you know.

The SAT II is very different. It’s designed to measure what you know about specific disciplines. In addition, critical reading and thinking skills are also important in this series of tests, but their main purpose is to determine exactly what you know about various subjects.

2. How do colleges use the SAT score?

The SAT score is considered as an important indicator of your ability to succeed in college. Various colleges use your scores to help them make placement decisions in one or both ways:

Like the SAT I, the SAT IIprovides schools with a standard measure of academic performance, which they use to compare you to applicants from different high schools and educational backgrounds. This information helps them to decide whether you’re ready to handle their curriculum.

SAT II scores may also be used to decide what course of study is appropriate for you once you’ve been admitted. For example, alow score inthe Writing Test might mean that you have to take a remedial English course. At the same time, a high score on the Math Level IIC Test could indicate that you would be exempted from an introductory Math course.

3. What SAT II subject tests should I take?

You should opt for the subjectsthat you think you wouldscore wellin, thereby increasing your chances of gettingadmission. Usually, many colleges demand that you take particular tests, which are generallythe Writing test and/or one of the Math tests. Some schools wouldgive you some choice in the matter, especially if they want you to taketests of three subjects.


Sobefore you register for any tests, check with colleges about the tests that they require. It might not be a good idea to solely rely on high school guidance counselors or admissionhandbooks for this information. They might not alwaysgive you accurate details.

SAT Essay Section

In the SAT essay section, students are asked to read a passage composed of several paragraphs, and then write an insightful essay. This section is focused on testing your objectivity. Hence, professional guidance and coaching is required for SAT preparation.

This section is optional for all candidates. However, it is strongly advised that you attempt the SAT in its entirety.


Section Scoring Duration Questions
Evidence-Based Reading Writing 200-800 65-minute Reading section 52 Questions (Reading)
35-minute Writing and Language section 44 Questions (Writing and Language)
Math 200-800 25-minute No Calculator section 20 Questions          (No Calculator)
55-minute Calculator section 38 Questions (Calculator)


5. How does ASAP TUTOR help you to launch your overseas education?

  1. The SAT plays an important role in your admission process. The SAT score of the student can help him get scholarships as well as admission to the preferred college
  2. ASAP TUTOR can help you with a personalized plan for improving your SAT scores
  3. Our experienced and qualified faculty membersarewell versed in the SAT syllabus, style and format
  4. Focused attention on each student with individual feedback
  5. Special coaching for students attempting the Essay section

6. How to prepare for the SAT?

The SAT does not test you for any subject matter beyond high school level. It tests you for the logical application of the knowledge in practical scenarios. A thorough understanding of the subjects you studied in high school coupled withan effective preparation and the right strategy can help you succeed. You can join one of our SAT training programs for personalized suggestions for enhancing your SAT score.

7. When can I reattempt the test?

You can reattempt the SAT as many times as required, but only seven test dates are available in a year and you will need to plan your time accordingly.