When the foundation of a tree is strong, it’s bound to grow higher and bigger. Your career is just like a tree that requires constant nurturing to grow, helping you achieve success in life.

At ASAP Tutor, we have designed the Foundation Program for students to nurture their career aspirations and enable them to achieve their goals. We believe that taking early steps to improve academic performance and skills is crucial to building an outstanding career. We do this by helping students develop their knowledge base and skill sets to pursue a successful career in Medical and Engineering.

Our Foundation Program includes courses for 8th to 12th grade students. These courses are categorized as Medical, Engineering and Foundation. Students can take these courses as Regular Program, Distance Learning Program and Digital/e-Learning Program.


In this digital age, we have embraced technology for delivering learning. ASAP iTutor enables our students to receive courseware through digital or e-learning mode.ASAPiTutor drives our Technology-based Learning (TBL) Program to help students prepare for all national and state level competitive exams. It is available to thestudents in 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grades.

Key features of ASAP Tutor:

  • High-quality video lectures by experienced faculty
  • Focused course material categorized according to topics
  • Tests and quizzes based on multiple-choice questions
  • Comprehensive student progress andperformance management system
  • Resolution of queries by the experts
  • Easy-to-understand audio and video tips

In addition to competitive exams, we also train our students to showcase their brilliance at various National and International Olympiads and scholarship entrance exams. This also helps students to get familiar with various competitive entrance exams.

Additional benefits:

Question Banks: Students can access our carefully compiled question banks, which are based on the competitive exams of the last 22 years.These question banks consist of thousands of questions and are developed for better practice and instilling confidence in students. We have specific question banks, including Success Magnet for JEE (Advanced), Success Achiever for JEE (Main) and ASAP Tutor Explorer for AIIMS entrance exam.

Mock Tests: We conduct a series of mock tests, which are basedon the medical and engineering entrance exam format. These help our students gain confidence and prepare well before the actual examination.